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EU Green Week


Vice President of Public Affairs Europe.

Couder Nicole

Nicole Couder has over 12 years of experience in water and management and a previous experience of financial and operational reviews on governance and operations in communication groups, financial investment firms and banking industries. 

In her current role as Vice President of Public Affairs Europe she has been actively involved in the Green Deal related actions for SUEZ, a company of 40 000 employees in over 40 mature or growing markets around the world.

Knowledgeable in four languages, English, French, Italian and Afrikaans (Dutch), Nicole is often asked to speak on her subject of expertise.

Nicole has also been nominated to participate in an expert group of the European Commission and as a member of the steering committee within a European Pact. She has co-written a report on Incentives to Boost the Circular Economy that was published by the European Commission. 

Nicole holds a degree in business from Babson College (1999) and was selected to attend a summer programme at Harvard University (1994).  She is a passionate advocate on sustainability and water resilience.