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Prof. Dr. Luc LAVRYSEN

President of the Belgian Constitutional Court

Prof. Dr. Luc LAVRYSEN

Prof. Dr. Luc Lavrysen is the President of the Belgian Constitutional Court since September 2020 and was a part-time professor in environmental law at Ghent University, now professor emeritus. He was the chief editor of the Environmental Law Review “Tijdschrift voor Milieurecht”.

He was member of the Belgian Federal Council for Sustainable Development and of the Scientific Committee of the Institute for Judicial Training (IGO/IFJ). He is a member of the Environmental Law Network International, the Avosetta group of Environmental Law Professors, the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law and the Global Judicial Institute on the Environment.

He is President of the European Forum of Judges for the Environment and Chair of the Task Force on Access to Justice of the Aarhus.