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Σημαία της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης Σημαία της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης
EU Green Week
Delivering a net-zero world

Follow the conference on-line on 6-7 June here

EU Green Week is your annual opportunity to debate, become familiar with, or even celebrate EU environment policy.

It’s an opportunity to celebrate the progress we’ve made, and to encourage individuals, communities and organisations to take stronger action in future – to protect, preserve and restore our environment, for now and for future generations, while constantly promoting sustainable development. 

EU Green Week 2023 conference

Join the conference on 6 - 7 June to hear the latest about EU environmental policies, and about biodiversity, circular economy, and zero pollution in particular.
The Conference takes place in Brussels, Charlemagne building, GASPERI room.

EU Green Week Partner Events list

In line with the Year of Skills, Partner Events will focus in 2023 on the topics of skills for sustainable, resilient and socially fair communities.
Throughout the week, partner events organised by schools, universities, business associations, environmental organisations, civil society, and government agencies will take place across Europe and beyond.

Media Partners

Established in 1965, The Brussels Times is today Belgium’s largest daily news media in English. Their mission statement is to provide  continuous high quality coverage of Belgian news, EU Affairs and opinion pieces. 

POLITICO Europe covers the politics, policy and personalities of the European Union.Their coverage includes breaking news, opinion pieces, and features.

Euronews is Europe's leading international news channel. Unapologetically impartial, Euronews welcomes all views and all voices so that audiences can be empowered to form their own opinion.

Euronews green is the home of ideas around green trends, eco-innovations and sustainable living.