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EU Green Week

Previous editions

Green Week is building support for EU environmental policies and enhancing their implementation, creating a community of involved stakeholders and citizens, and giving pride of place to the main policy priority of the given year in the public eye.

"Delivering a Net-Zero World", with partner events on the theme of green skills.

green week 2021

The European Green Week 2021 will be dedicated to the ‘zero pollution ambition’.

green week 2018

EU Green Week 2018 will focus on the actions European cities will take to protect the environment.

green week 2016

The 2016 edition of Green Week will focus on the theme "Investing for a greener future".

green week 2014

The 2014 edition of Green Week will have the theme on Circular Economy, Resource Efficiency & Waste.

green week 2012

Green Week Conference 2012 - EVERY DROP COUNTS - The Water Challenge.

green week 2011

Green Week Conference 2011 Resource efficiency - Using less, living better.


Green Week team

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Green Week team
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